When an accident occurs, you may not think to preserve the evidence for your personal injury claim at that moment. If you have suffered injuries in a personal injury, you still need to preserve evidence but you may need to do it in a different manner, such as appointing someone else to do it.

The first several days after an accident occurs is the most important time frame to find and preserve all evidence of what happened to cause your accident. You should also take this time to document your injuries you received in order to file your personal injury claim when you are able to. This is when everything is fresh on your mind and you are less likely to forget those little details.

Return to the Scene

If you’re accident occurs in traffic or at another location other than home, you will want to return to the scene as soon as you are blue to go and locate any evidence necessary to present your case. You may find that there are things that you missed when the accident happened that are clearly evidence the next few days.

Take some photographs of the accident scene from a variety of angles so you can present and replay the accident again if you are asked to. Photographs are the best way to do that. You can take several angles and recreate a scene that can prove that your accident happened the way you said it did. It’s important to take good quality pictures of the scene. Try to visit the scene at the same time the accident happened.

Protect Physical Evidence

Sometimes things are overlooked and physical piece of evidence may not be discovered when the officers and claim adjusters visit the crime scene the first time. You want to look for evidence that is obvious such as a broken stair if you’re accident involved you falling. A dent in the car, if you were involved in an automobile accident.

Physical evidence can also help you provide the proof you need to back up your claims of physical injuries. Damage that was done to your vehicle can show how hard the collision was.

Locate Witnesses

Witnesses are very important to a case so you will want to get a hold of all your witnesses and find out what they know, what they seen, and what they can describe about the accident that occurred. In some Instances, a witness can make it possible for the adjuster and if necessary, the courts, to see what happened, as per personal injury lawyer in Mississauga.

If a witness is unable to be contacted and your trial is coming up soon, they may not be able to be reached and you have lost that part of your case. In some cases, peoples’ memories tend to fade away and soon the recollections will become fuzzy and you can’t use that. So, try to reach your witnesses as soon as possible to avoid losing their testimony.

Document Your Injuries

It’s important that you keep up with everything related to your case immediately. You want to obtain a copy of your medical records so you can have this proof. Take photos when possible, as well. Without any medical records that report your injuries, it will be very difficult for you to prove your case to the insurance adjuster. When injuries are visible, they know what happened and what you went through. Without any documentation, it is your word against theirs.