The truth is that having the right documents at the right time is an incredible powerful negotiating tool and you could use this to your advantage in order to control the outcome of the settlement and get higher compensatory value. However, there are variables to be considered and things to be undertaken in advance in order to get the most value out of your injuries.

Preserving evidence

The first thing that you need to know is that the best way to preserve the evidence which show and provide for your injuries is to report them on time. The medical reports are an unambiguous piece of evidence in court and the opposing party is most certainly going to be aware of this particular fact. You can also keep hold of the prescriptions that the doctors are issuing and relate them to the medical receipts that you’ve received from the pharmacy in order to be able to provide for the direct physical damages that you’ve sustained and incurred. Failing to provide these particular documents is most certainly going to be acted upon by the opposing party and that’s going to dramatically decrease your settlement value. This is because you won’t be able to prove the damages in court and thus the latter won’t be taking them into consideration when issuing the ruling.

Tracking injuries

Keeping track of your injuries is incredibly important. The best thing that you could do is to have the medical records with photos if that’s possible. This is going to make it a lot easier to convince the insurance company that you have actually sustained the injury. Visible injuries are usually going to heal, and once they do there isn’t going to be any particular track of them besides the medical records and the photos that you’ve taken.

Getting immediate medical attention is going to help you document the injury as it is. One day delay could mean a significant alteration to the nature of the injury and that’s going to be thoroughly reflected in the documentation. That’s why you want to be extra cautious and seek attention right away. Documenting the injuries starts in ER. Thus, collect all the reports and tests results that have been done since then so that your claim is strengthened.

Is medical cost expensive?

A lot of people are afraid that proper medical attendance is going to be very expensive. However, when you’ve sustained an accident the expenses are going to be paid for by the insurance company or the opposite party. You have to make sure that you get the attention you need in order to ensure proper recovery without worrying about the expenses. If you manage to get them all thoroughly documented, this is going to play a significant role later on when the settlement talks take place as they are going to serve as ground and merit for your claim. Your lawyer will inform you about the costs and the best way to present the injury reports.