If you are considering filing a claim for a personal injury because of injuries you received in an automobile accident, a slip and fall, or another type of injury, you may be wondering if it is worth going through this long and drawn out process in order to receive some compensation. The other alternative to this is to not go to court and you end up in financial ruins because your injuries are preventing you from working and doing things that you want to do. An automobile accident can cause physical, mental, or emotional damage.
When the injury causes you to lose the life and routine you are uses to, then you need to make sure that someone is held liable for that accident. When you receive a damage award, this can even be negotiated between the two individuals who are involved in the accident or be worked out by the insurance companies representing the two individuals involved. In some cases, an injured party will need to sue the insurance company that represents the other individual in order to receive some type of compensation.

Compensatory Damages

Personal injury damages are called compensatory because they are intended to compensate those who are injured in an automobile accident. A compensatory damage award is provided by the individual, also known as the defendant that caused the injuries to begin with. The individual who did receive an injury in the accident will be able to use the money in order to pay bills, pay medical expenses, and care after the injuries, therapists, rehabilitation, and more.
Medical treatment – Medical treatment is necessary when a person receives an injury due to an auto accident. The medical treatment will help the individual to heal and be better in a certain amount of time. Money won can be used for reimbursement of medical treatment that you have received.
Income – When you file a personal injury case, its’ mostly because you need the money. If you are used to working, you may not be able to return back to your job until your injuries have healed. That may take some time, rehabilitation, and in some cases, you have to learn the ability all over again. The money you win from a personal injury case will be used for loss of earning.
It is important that you have representation when you file a personal injury claim in court. While you may feel your case is fairly simple, it is not always going to be simple if the other person in the accident feels that he or she was not the cause of this injury. However, it is important to work with an experienced Injury Lawyer in Mississauga so that they can represent your rights.