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At MPC Personal injury lawyer In Brampton, we understand how difficult life gets in the aftermath of an accident. Our determination to help our clients get justice and that is reflected in the hard work we put in each case we take on. That includes offering comprehensive legal consultation, well-researched drafting and ensuring that no gaps are left before filing the injury claim. This will ensure no loopholes will be left for the at-fault party’s defense lawyers to exploit.

Compassionate And Experienced Lawyers

Our compassionate lawyers work with you through the life changing event and ensure that the pain and suffering that you are undergoing is translated into a fair compensation. Whether we settle your case at the negotiating table or in the court litigating, you can be sure that MPC Personal injury Lawyer in Brampton is in your corner.

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It is best to seek legal assistance in Brampton as quickly as possible, after an accident so that evidence can be collected, witness statements are recorded as with time, all of it can be lost. To ensure your comfort, we are flexible about scheduling a meeting with you at the hospital or at home, as you recover and recuperate from your injuries.

Affordable Legal Representation In Brampton

Contact our Brampton experienced lawyers today to get professional and honest legal guidance on your case. We offer free initial consultation so that your case details can be evaluated and we’ll explain the entitlements that you rightfully deserve. Our legal team is experienced and will walk you through the whole procedure so that you understand the legalities of your case.

We will represent you and ensure that our rights are protected. Apprehensions by the clients about the expensive legal representation is unfounded when you choose us to represent you because we don’t charge unless we help you win the damages that you are entitled to. MPC Personal Injury Law works on contingency basis so you don’t have to worry about expensive legal representation and hourly fees at all.

Protect Your Entitlements And Rights AFter An Injury

Accidents happen even when you took all precautions and were not at fault but someone else was negligent and you were left with multiple injuries. That is when you need legal representation and consultation. We want you know your rights and how much you are entitled to claim from the at-fault party. You need to be aware that you have the right to legal redressal and be compensated for the pain and suffering you endured for no fault of yours.

The fact that many of our lawyers have previously worked in the insurance sector. They understand the working of the insurance companies and the tactics used to pressurize the accident victims in accepting low amounts as damages. With the understanding of the insurance defense, we work to frame stronger cases which helps you get maximum amounts as compensation.

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MPC Personal Injury Lawyer is dedicated to helping the victims of personal injury and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for Brampton injury victims and their families. Our Brampton personal injury lawyers have a proven track record of success representing injury victims at all levels of court in the province. Our professionals have trial experience, which means they will never back down from a fight and can level the playing field when it comes to dealing with a tough opposing defense.

Our Brampton Personal Injury Lawyers

Have been helping victims of motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, public transportation accidents, dog bites, product liability claims, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, and long-term disability. We are also knowledgeable in traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, orthopaedic injuries, injuries caused by psychological trauma, and chronic pain.

In order to ensure that our clients get a great possible service and results, we routinely make hospital and home visits. This ensures that our clients’ rights are protected as early as possible, as well as provides a convenient service for those dealing with restricted mobility as a result of their accident.

We work with a network of medical professionals who will accurately diagnose and treat your injuries ensuring that you achieve maximum recovery.

If you or a loved one was injured, you deserve compensation. Contact MPC for a free, no-obligation consultation, and put the local professionals in your corner. We will protect your rights and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation that can be secured in the unique circumstances of your case that you deserve.

A Personal Injury Lawyer At Your Service!

As most personal injury cases are intricate and complex, it takes anywhere from a few months to a couple of years to get the compensation that you deserve. Thus, it is essential to adhere to the strict time line for filing your case, if you or a loved one has gotten injured due to an auto accident, slip and fall or even a dog bite. You deserve to be compensated for loss of income, medical bills and future cost of rehabilitation and mental anguish that you or your loved one has gone through. It is worse if the accident has brought on debilitating spinal or brain injuries that can render the victim paraplegic or quadriplegic, and in some cases, such accidents can be fatal. The guilty party is liable to pay for damages but most insurance companies try to offer lower compensation and that is why seeking the right legal assistance from experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Brampton is essential. At MPC, we ensure that your case is duly represented after a complete analysis and research by our legal team. From gathering evidence and information to advocating your case claim settlement or for a trial, we can be of constant assistance. If you need professional advice and legal assistance from filing a case to legal representation, please call us to schedule an appointment right away.

By delaying benefits and claims, insurance companies stand to gain, but it is your loss. By filing for compensation, MPC ensures that you get the settlement that you deserve. It is important to know about your rights so that you don’t have to accept low compensation in out-of-court claim settlements. Our Injury Lawyers in Brampton know that you are entitled to claim damages and get higher compensation than what the insurance company adjusters offer. That is why we work with you through the trial and ensure you are suitably compensated for loss of wages, mental and physical trauma and future medical costs.

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Merilyn Tome
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Highly recommend MPC Personal Injury Lawyer. After months of frustrations working with Insurance companies, I made the best decision in letting the team of professionals at MPC handle my case. They were effective, efficient, professional, and took care of my case and I could not be more pleased with the outcome.
Susan Carter
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The team at MPC Personal Injury has been so welcoming and supportive. They have been so helpful during this difficult time, and I am grateful for their honesty. I would recommend MPC Personal Injury to anyone in need of a good personal injury lawyer in Burlington!
Demi Armstrong
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If you're in Burlington and I've been in an accident, get in touch with MPC Personal Injury. They took care of me after my car was hit by a drunk driver and even helped find a livery to take me home. The lawyer that they assigned to my case really made everything easy for me... I am thankful for their help!
Dilan Jecson
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MPC Personal Injury Lawyer took care of my claim. Alex and his team helped me throughout these claim. And they are really good lawyers. They are always on time and respond to each and every email within the time frame. I highly recommend this law firm to the people who are injured. They tried very best towards my case. Thank you for all the good deeds.
Edlyn Grace
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MPC Personal Injury firm was very helpful to me when I was involved in an automobile accident. The office staff were so easy to work with and helpful with the questions that I had. The've been helpful for my family on several occasions and I am grateful for the work that the whole office have done.
Don Lou
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3 years ago This is an amazing firm. The team did a great job helping me with my car and accident that turned my life upside down. The communication was great. I was always informed and they helped me with everything. I tried to handle it on my own but quickly realized I needed a firm like this.

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