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Dog bites are usually unintended occurrences that are unpredictable. The victims of dog bites and animal attacks are often children, seniors, and other vulnerable members of the community. Ontario has laws that are designed to protect the community from dog bites by instituting leash and muzzle laws, and in some cases outlawing an entire breed of dog altogether. Unfortunately, even after the implementation of these laws, dog bites still happen and in some cases the victims are left with lasting, if not permanent, injuries or disfigurements.

At MPC Personal Injury Lawyer , we take animal attacks seriously and thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the case. Oftentimes, we discover that an attack was caused by the animal owner’s negligence and that it could have been prevented.

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Injuries that result from being attacked by a dog can be very traumatic, with physical injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to severe disfigurement, in the event that the attack is not stopped in time and the dog bites the face of the victim. The victims also end up suffering psychological trauma as well, requiring counselling.

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