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We understand your frustrations as you try to meander through life after a devastating accident. At MPC Personal Injury Lawyer, we understand how difficult it can be to recover from injuries that may leave you with short-term or long-term disabilities. That is why our team of excellent personal injury lawyers have represented the rights of our clients and helped them win tens of thousands of dollars as damages over the years. It is important to know that under the Canadian laws, if you have been injured in an accident, you are entitled to damages to cover the losses and injuries.

We know that most of the injury claims are complex, stemming from a myriad of different types of accidents and oftentimes, the insurance company tries to pay a low amount as compensation or denies the claim. That is why seeking damages on your own, can be difficult and that is why you need one of our experienced lawyers for representing you, at the negotiating table or litigating for you in the court.

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Irrespective of the type of accident you have been in Mississauga, it can leave you with physically debilitating injuries and psychological trauma. In case of less severe injuries, the victim is able to heal and get back to normal everyday life soon but those accident victims that have been left with catastrophic injuries or have been disabled for life, face an uncertain future with no wages and mounting medical bills. That is where we step in. We understand that recovering from such traumatic injuries and trying to fathom the new reality can be frustrating. Our legal team is here to assist you through the complex and long drawn legal process to claim damages for your injuries and future life.

At Our Legal Firm

We have a proven track record of innumerable success with clients all over Mississauga. We only represent accident victims to protect their rights and not any insurance company. We can help you as we have years of experience, skill and a large pool of resources to help you win the compensation that you justly deserve.

To delve deep into your case, we hire third-party investigation professionals to aid in collection of evidence and examine the events leading to your accident. Additionally, when you work with us, our lawyers will give you detailed information about damages and benefits you stand to be awarded as your insurance company would not like to divulge such information.

You could choose a lawyer from another law firm, but chances are that professional will only specialize in one area of personal injury law. This will leave you without adequate and complete representation. What sets us apart from other law firms in Mississauga is that you can easily consult with our lawyers at your convenience. They’ll work around your schedule and meet you at a convenient location for you. These lawyers will answer your questions to your satisfaction with competence, professionalism, and a courteous attitude. Call MPC Personal Injury Lawyer today.

At MPC, our Mississauga personal injury lawyers have helped countless accident victims in the community and recovered millions of dollars in compensation for victims and their families. MPC has a proven track record of success and comes highly recommended by local residents of Mississauga, Ontario.

We are professionals in fighting for the rights of victims injured in motor vehicle accidents, public transportation accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, product liability, dog bites, and long-term disability claims. MPC Personal Injury Lawyer also are qualified in accidents that result in brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, orthopaedic injuries, and injuries resulting in chronic pain and psychological trauma.

Our Mississauga Personal Injury Lawyers

Are proud members of the community and take pride in helping injury victims get the compensation that they deserve. Having extensive trial experience allows MPC to level the playing field when dealing with an overly aggressive opposing legal team. We have never backed down from a court battle and will not be intimidated into accepting anything less than great for our clients.

No matter where or how you were injured, you deserve to be compensated. Contact us for a free consultation, and protect your rights. We will ensure that justice is served and that you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to. We work on a contingency basis, which means that you do not pay unless we win.

Thousands of people are injured due to slip and fall accidents, auto accidents, or maybe even dog bites, product malfunction and negligence. Serious accidents result in chronic pain, broken bones and mental trauma and in some cases, it may be fatal. For clients, to get back to their normal life, includes medical treatment, rehabilitation and after-care services. They may be under immense financial strain with mounting medical costs, loss of wages and future cost of rehabilitation and treatment.

Contacting MPC’s team of personal injury lawyers in Mississauga can be of help. We know that you deserve compensation to compensate for the injuries that you received. We are legal professionals when it comes to personal injury cases and have successfully brought claims against guilty parties, negotiated with insurance companies to help our clients get the maximum payments that can be secured in the unique circumstances of their case. 

We Have A Successful Track Record Of Winning Cases.

Even though legal assistance and representation might be the last thing on your mind when you or a loved one has been seriously injured, it is essential to call MPC. To accommodate your requirements, our Injury Lawyers in Mississauga make hospital and home visits to ensure that you are aware of your rights and can help you get the assistance you need. The compensation depends upon the level of injury and loss. You or a loved one is entitled to accidental benefits that covers but is not limited to loss of wages, medical treatment, rehabilitation and attendant care. In some cases, some optional coverage are provided for housekeeping and caregiving benefits. In case, the injuries are catastrophic leading to partial or complete disability, the coverage and compensation increases accordingly.

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Merilyn Tome
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Highly recommend MPC Personal Injury Lawyer. After months of frustrations working with Insurance companies, I made the best decision in letting the team of professionals at MPC handle my case. They were effective, efficient, professional, and took care of my case and I could not be more pleased with the outcome.
Susan Carter
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The team at MPC Personal Injury has been so welcoming and supportive. They have been so helpful during this difficult time, and I am grateful for their honesty. I would recommend MPC Personal Injury to anyone in need of a good personal injury lawyer in Burlington!
Demi Armstrong
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If you're in Burlington and I've been in an accident, get in touch with MPC Personal Injury. They took care of me after my car was hit by a drunk driver and even helped find a livery to take me home. The lawyer that they assigned to my case really made everything easy for me... I am thankful for their help!
Dilan Jecson
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MPC Personal Injury Lawyer took care of my claim. Alex and his team helped me throughout these claim. And they are really good lawyers. They are always on time and respond to each and every email within the time frame. I highly recommend this law firm to the people who are injured. They tried very best towards my case. Thank you for all the good deeds.
Edlyn Grace
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MPC Personal Injury firm was very helpful to me when I was involved in an automobile accident. The office staff were so easy to work with and helpful with the questions that I had. The've been helpful for my family on several occasions and I am grateful for the work that the whole office have done.
Don Lou
Read More
3 years ago This is an amazing firm. The team did a great job helping me with my car and accident that turned my life upside down. The communication was great. I was always informed and they helped me with everything. I tried to handle it on my own but quickly realized I needed a firm like this.

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