Due to the huge differences in the vehicles’ size and weight, the occupant of a car could suffer a severe or catastrophic injury, after colliding with a commercial vehicle. The actions taken by the car’s driver could work to guarantee or eliminate the chances for a fair compensation.

Actions that an injured victim should take at scene of collision

Seek medical help from a recognized provider of medical services. Be sure that the provider has documented any treatment that was given to that same injured victim.

Take photographs of anything that would seem to relate to the factors that might have caused the collision. That should include things like traffic signs or traffic lights. Even a picture that showed the time of day, or the effects of the weather could be relevant. Be sure to snap any picture from more than one angle.

Get the needed contact information. An injured victim might need to ask a witness for assistance, when seeking such contact information. Get the name of the truck’s owner and the name of the driver’s employer and the vehicle’s serial number. Take down the name and badge number of any police officer that has come to the collision site.

Actions to take after returning home, or while recovering from an injury

Consult with a number of personal injury lawyers in Mississauga and arrange to pay for legal representation. Be sure to carry out that action before speaking with the appropriate insurance company. It could be the company from which the truck’s owner bought an insurance policy, or one from which the truck’s driver or employer bought a policy.

Work with any retained attorney to gather useful evidence. It might help to return to the scene, and check to see if there are any video cameras that are focused on the location where the collision took place.

Any injured victim should start a journal or diary. It should contain mention of all the times that the same victim’s body has experienced some type of painful sensation. The note in the journal or diary ought to provide information on the nature of the pain, as well as an estimate for the amount of time that the recorded sensation lasted.

Discuss with the retained attorney the creation of a list of others that might be held responsible for the collision. Maybe the truck had recently been at a shop, and had received some repairs. Perhaps your lawyer has learned about a history of other collisions at the same location. Plan to work with the same attorney, so that a notice gets sent to anyone that might be held responsible for the fact that the 2 vehicles collided.