The Role of The Insurance Adjuster

The head of an insurance company cannot handle all the cases that are on file. Hence, that same company head asks a specified employee or a third party contractor to handle a designated case. The roles assumed by the person handling that case demonstrate the nature of some of the roles undertaken by an adjuster. Any one company assigns a list of different adjusters to each separate case. (more…)

Traditional And Altered Options For Car Accident Victim

Ideally, the benefits requested by the victim of a car accident should aid the achievement of three goals: easing financial burden of recovery process; supplementing victim’s income; and paying, if necessary, for attendant care. The insurance company can approve of or deny any such request. In the past, the victim that had been denied a request did not feel like he or she had arrived at dead end. (more…)

Effect of Marijuana Legalization On Automobile Insurance Coverage

The legalization of marijuana, which has become a reality in some states, does not give anyone the right to get sit at the steering wheel of a motored vehicle, after experiencing a marijuana-produced high. Members of the law enforcement community are studying different ways to force marijuana-users to maintain safe driving habits. Obviously, the habits of younger drivers ought to be shaped by well-meaning adults. No doubt, insurance companies would like to help strengthen the efforts made by law-enforcers and other adults. (more…)

What An Accident Victim Should Know About Referral Fees

Sometimes a personal injury lawyer refers a client to a different lawyer. At such a time, the referring lawyer does a favor for the second lawyer. It then becomes that second lawyer’s duty to pay a referral fee to the member of the legal profession that has taken the time to utilize the referral process. Utilization of that process facilitates completion of an arrangement, one that has managed to aid one client’s discovery of a useful lawyer. (more…)

Theories of Liability In Defective Product Claims

If you or someone you know has suffered some type of injury due to a product failure, you may have rights to file a claim against the manufacturer, the retailers, and anyone else associated with the chain of distribution of that product. There are four theories of liability that are most commonly used in a defective product case. They are: (more…)

Who Is Held Liable For Sports Injury Claims

Sports are commonly played both as a child and as an adult. Sports to some people are very important while others are just familiar with it but not something they invest a lot of time in. There are several risks when playing a game and a chance of becoming injured increases with each play. When an injury occurs while playing a sport, what are your legal limits? What can you do to cover the expenses of your injury? Learn more below. (more…)