What Happens When You Have A Car Accident In A Leased Vehicle?

More people are leasing vehicles. This is because it can make a vehicle that may not normally be affordable something that a person can get their hands on. When leasing a vehicle, the costs are quite a bit lower than they would be if you bought the same vehicle. When leasing, the person with the vehicle is only responsible for the depreciation or value lost in the vehicle. They are not responsible for the value of the entire vehicle. (more…)

Liability For Slip And Fall Incident In Store Or Business

Obviously, a store or business shows an interest in each customer. That particular establishment hopes to profit from some of the customer’s money. Yet the law states that the same establishment should demonstrate readiness to care for each of its customers. If lack of care leads to occurrence of a slip and fall incident, the injured victim has a right to file a personal injury lawsuit, with the help of Personal Injury Lawyer in Burlington. (more…)

Establishing Fault When Accident Includes Pedestrian

If someone gets injured as the result of an accident, legal authorities have one way of establishing the identity of the person at fault. Yet the decision made by those legal authorities does not always match with the one made by an insurance company. Insurance companies take a different approach, when deciding who should be named at fault. The challenges associated with fault-finding become even greater, if the accident in question took place on a street and involved a pedestrian. At such a time, an insurance company will ask several questions. (more…)

Reviewing Liability Issues That Relate To Pet Dogs

If you own a pet and that pet is a gentle canine, do not think that you have no reason to worry about being held liable for your dog’s actions. Any species of canine can bite or attack a child or an adult. Even if a small animal seems unable to cause any harm, it could still frighten a surprised individual. In other words, every dog owner should accept certain risks. He or she might one day be held liable for someone’s injury. His or her pet might attack or frighten a child or an adult. (more…)

The Role of The Insurance Adjuster

The head of an insurance company cannot handle all the cases that are on file. Hence, that same company head asks a specified employee or a third party contractor to handle a designated case. The roles assumed by the person handling that case demonstrate the nature of some of the roles undertaken by an adjuster. Any one company assigns a list of different adjusters to each separate case. (more…)