Influence of Marijuana Use On Your Capability To Drive

Newly released statistics have shown that almost 40% of Canadians, who have revealed that they smoke marijuana, have done so a mere two hours prior to sitting behind the wheel of a car. And even more astonishingly, a much higher percentage has admitted that they have been passenger in a car steered by somebody under the influence of marijuana. A staggering 80% revealed in the survey that they have entered a vehicle in the past which was under the control of somebody who had been using marijuana a mere two hours prior. (more…)

Why Medical Examination Are Vital Following A Case of Personal Injury

Whether it be a personal injury claim, a worker’s compensation claim, or a claim related to any state of disability, it is always important to obtain independent medical examinations, or functional capacity evaluations, in order to support your claim. Both of these types of medical examinations are focused on your medical condition, as well as your physical limitations, but their individual purposes differ from each other. Before you undergo either of these evaluations, you should inform yourself about what to expect. (more…)

Understanding The Differences Between Personal Injury And Workers Compensation

It is easy to confuse personal injury lawsuits with workers compensation claims. The injuries sustained in both the cases is by accidents but the company paying it would differ and so will the legalities of the claim. Some may even falsely place works compensation claims into the personal injury claim category. While this is an easy mistake to make, it is important to keep the two separate and understand the subtle, but nonetheless important, differences. (more…)