It’s not uncommon to hear insurance companies advertise how they’re the best because they are always there for their policyholders when they need them.  While they may be there to defend a claim, they will quickly become your opponent in a personal injury lawsuit in Brampton, Burlington, or Mississauga.  The reality is that they care about their own interests only – not yours.  This is something that the plaintiff should always keep in mind whenever they are posting their goings-on on social media sites.

Hiring private investigators

The truth of the matter is that a defendant’s insurance company will hire private eyes or investigators to survey the plaintiff’s activities.  Basically, they want to catch you doing something that goes against your injured condition in order to invalidate your claim and not settle with you fair and reasonably.  This is not to say that some plaintiff’s don’t “overstate” the seriousness of their injuries.  However, the insurance companies treat every plaintiff in similar fashion, whether they have misrepresented their injuries or not.

As an example of this, let’s say you have filed a personal injury claim after you were injured in a motor vehicle accident in Brampton, Burlington, or Mississauga.  According to your claim, your injuries were serious enough that you were unable to work.  Then the defendant’s insurance company’s investigators take photos of you participating in an activity that your injuries have supposedly rendered you incapable of doing.  Should this evidence be presented during litigation, it would undermine your credibility.

Use of social media scrutinized

Consequently, you’re not going to be awarded the settlement you had hoped for.  In recent years, investigators have started perusing plaintiff’s profiles on different social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for this reason.  Today, it’s become common practice to apply for access to a person’s photos and posted content on social media sites in personal injury cases held in Brampton.  So what is the lesson that accident victims should learn from this?

Whenever you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you have to realize that whatever you post on social media websites could come back to haunt you during legal proceedings.  In addition to this not being used as evidence against you, you should be cautious about any statements you make relative to the photos you post on these sites.  Otherwise, you will jeopardize your case proceeding in your favor. Thus, it is best to shun social media as far as possible because you don’t really know what could go against you in court

This easiest way to keep your case uncomplicated and your personal injury lawyer working in your favor is to ensure that your social media usage doesn’t complicate matters for you.  You can always resume your activities once your case has been settled in court or negotiations.  Ultimately, the smartest way for you to protect your own interests in is to be honest about your physical impairments and demonstrate your truthfulness in your activities.

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