There is a series of factors which will influence the ultimate value of your slip and fall lawsuit. They range from the seriousness of your sustained injuries, over how the accident occurred, all the way to how the property owner or occupier behaved prior, during, and after the accident. To help you determine the true value of your own case, we have put together a guide which dictates how to build a successful case and what you are owed by the liable party.

First Steps

Immediately after the accident, you should take photographic evidence of your sustained injuries and the conditions that led to your accident. Detailed notes of how and why you were injured will also be useful moving forward. Furthermore, witness testimony and contact information will also be highly useful to back up your future claim. Your Injury Lawyer in Burlington will need all of this to ensure that they can draft a strong claim which will ensure the highest settlement as per your injuries. Even if the insurance company denied your claim in the past, having a lawyer will ensure that all of the documents and steps are followed so that you get it.

Medical Attention

If you wish to obtain a high settlement, you will need detailed medical records surrounding your accident related injuries. This means getting medical attention as soon as possible and keeping close documentation on prescribed treatments and therapy. This is necessary for a full recovery and as evidence to support your claim.

Legal Counsel

Following the medical assessment of your injuries, it is time to obtain legal counsel. The personal injury lawyer you choose to hire should have experiences with cases similar to yours, and thus should also be able to give you a rough estimate of the value of your claim.For this estimate, they will consider the site of your accident, the extend of your insurance coverage, the finances of the defendant, the seriousness of your sustained injuries, and the likelihood of a high settlement for your case. It should be noted that catastrophic injuries will lead to a much higher settlement than minor ones.


There is a whole series of damages you could be entitled to, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. Most commonly will be compensation for lost income and medical expenses, including rehabilitation costs.However, there are also general damages which may apply to you. Included in these are compensation for pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and daily impairments due to your injuries. And if your injuries were the result of code violations or other extreme forms of negligence, you may also be able to sue for punitive damages which serve to punish the defendant.