There are quite a few injuries that could derive from an accident, regardless of its type. While some of them are visible and easy to localize such as broken bones and tendons, for instance, others could be particularly hard to determine, let alone fix.

When your leg is broken you know it is – you are aware where the injury is and the doctors know how to handle it. The x-ray is going to show the damage and the professionals could implement the right type of treatment for you to get better. However, what happens when the only injury that you get from a recent car accident is a brain injury? You can’t just put your brain in a cast and let it heal with time.

Diagnosing Brain Injuries

The damage to your brain is impossible to see from the outside. What is worse, a brain injury might not be detected on the MRI, let alone on a regular x-ray. The truth is that brain injuries from accidents such as slip and fall, bike accidents or whatever else you might think of could have devastating effects. They might end up causing headaches, memory loss, and fogginess, anxiety, ringing in your years as well as fatigue, depression and balance problems. Sometimes, the victim himself might not even appreciate any cognitive deficit which has resulted from the injury. This is why the personal injury lawyer have to speak with his family, friends and colleagues in order to better and properly appreciate how bad or not bad at all the damage might be.

Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule

There are certain situations in which the victim has completely lost his ability to function properly. This renders the entire injury catastrophic as per the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. Once the injury has been duly categorized and declared as catastrophic under the SABS, the compensation that the victim would be entitled to is going to be significantly greater.

However, it is absolutely paramount for you to rely on a team of skilled personal injury lawyers. In some situations he would have to conduct deep research in order to determine the exact extent of the brain injury and the precise amount of damage that it’s causing to the victim and to those around him. The truth is that brain injuries are usually hard on those who suffer from them but they could also be devastating for relatives and close friends. The reason is quite simple – it is absolutely terrible to observe the one you love and care about not being able to function properly because of some brain injury. This is capable of turning one’s entire life around and this is the reason for which brain injuries shouldn’t be taken lightly for a second, regardless of how minor they might seem.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of an accident that led to catastrophic brain injuries, it is time to contact a personal injury lawyer in Toronto.