This list of questions will start with the most obvious one: What is long term disability insurance? It is a form of protection, because it ensures payment of money to some employee that has fallen ill or has been injured in an accident.

Short term disability insurance also serves as a protection; how is long term disability insurance different?

Short term disability insurance provides the sick or injured employee with a temporary measure. Only the long term policy guarantees that a permanent replacement for a needed salary will be made available to anyone employed by a business that holds such a policy.

How does an employee qualify for the coverage that gets guaranteed by long term disability insurance?

Any employee that can no longer carry out his or her job responsibilities, because he or she has fallen ill or has been injured should qualify for such coverage. After 2 years of coverage, the same employee may have to show that he or she cannot handle any job that matches with the same employee’s level of education and training.

How long does it take to resolve a claim?

It should take no more than 1 to 2 years, because the resolution process does not involve a consideration of issues that relate to pain and suffering. Before a case gets resolved, how might an insurer try to prove that an accident victim would be able to handle the tasks that are part of his or her job? The insurer might arrange for surveillance of that same accident victim. Those conducting the surveillance would hope to catch that particular victim performing an act that he or she was supposed to be incapable of doing at that moment in time.

Today, employers can also use social media networks, in an effort to show that a given employee has not trouble doing the sorts of actions that he or she has said had to be removed from the list of actions that he or she normally carried out, while on the job. Employers study the pictures that employees with a long term disability claim post on a social media network. A careful study of such pictures might prove as useful as paid surveillance.

What can a sick or injured employee do, if he or she has been denied long term disability insurance?

Such employees need to seek the help of an experienced lawyer. That help should come from a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga. Such lawyers have become familiar with all the tricks that insurers use, when attempting to avoid the need to issue long term disability payments to a given employee. Even a free consultation could prove quite helpful.