An insurance company cannot deny the fact that an accident has taken place and that one of its policy holders was involved in that accident. Still, it can work to minimize the plaintiff’s claim. In that way it tries to destroy the plaintiff’s case.

Insurers make use of any inconsistencies

The victim of an accident will have to answer the questions raised by the examining physician. Later, the same person will get similar questions from the adjuster. If the two answers to the same question seem to differ to a great extent, the insurance company will question that seeming lack of consistency. It will keep close track of all inconsistencies.

Did the victim overlook mention of a significant fact?

Insurance companies always seek an answer to that question. Each company has the ability to study the records that detail the medical history of a victim that claims to have been injured in a collision. It can check to see if the same victim has failed to mention specific pieces of information, which can be found in that recorded history. Insurers will not hesitate to suggest that such a failure was an attempt to hide a particular fact.

Searches for evidence of estimates that are decidedly off-the-mark

As per the Personal Injury Lawyer in Brampton, the victim of an accident deserves to be compensated for loss of income. That can only be achieved if the insurance company can know the amount of money the victim had been earning. An insurer can have some representative ask about the size of the victim’s salary. Then a different member of the insurer’s staff can go after details on the actual salary. If the two figures do not agree, the victim’s case has been weakened.

Were the doctor’s orders followed?

The medical records will show what treatment was suggested by the examining physician. In the insurer’s mind, someone with a true injury will follow that suggested treatment. Victims that fail to do so should expect to get a challenge from the insurance company.

What was said to the first responders?

Did the victim complain about pain at the scene of the accident? Insurers seem intent on overlooking the known facts about the adrenaline rush. That is the way that the body naturally prepares someone to fight or take flight at the time of an emergency. Victims can be penalized for the absence of pain, which could be due to the existence of an adrenaline rush.

Insurance companies spy on those that seek benefits

Sometimes the company hires a private investigator. At other times it utilizes all the materials posted on social media networks. Insurers use such evidence to cast doubt on the veracity of a claim from someone that seeks available benefits.