It has been seen that most of the accidents resulting in personal injury are due to negligence or carelessness on the part of the defendant. That is why the person, whose carelessness or negligence caused injury to the victim, is liable to pay compensation. This is the basis of the legal liability which is evaluated in the personal injury case. The following points are considered when evaluating fault in the personal injury case:

  • If a person is injured at the workplace due to the negligence of the employer, the employer is responsible and legally responsible for the accident.
  • If the accident happens on the poorly maintained and under-constructed property, the owner of the property is at fault as they failed to maintain the property.
  • If an accident of injury happens due to a defective product, the manufacturer and the person/business selling it is liable. This is applicable even if the injured victim si unaware of the defect or is able to prove that the injury was due to the defect.

However, there is time, when the victim is not eligible for compensation. This includes situations where it was mentioned or the injured party was aware that they should not be in a place or do something that causes an injury. And if they were injured, the owner or the defendant is not held legally responsible for the victim’s injuries as it was the victim’s error in judgement that lead to the accident and injuries. When the victim is equally at fault, there are cases when the compensation has not been given at all.

If the court finds that the victim has been careless and has a part to play in the accident, the amount of compensation that they were due to receive is lowered. This has been termed as ‘comparative negligence’. Thus, you cannot fix an amount to the compensation and in each case, it varies. You might need to talk with a lawyer to evaluate the merits of the case. Usually, the cause of the accident, and the level of injuries incurred is considered before filing a claim.The amount of injuries, medical costs, loss of wages are calculated when the amount is being evaluated by the lawyers. You may like to discuss it with us before you file for compensation. This will help you be at an advantage and increase the chances of winning the case.

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