The truth is that car accidents are particularly common in the state of Ontario. However, every single one of them is unique and it’s important to take all the circumstances prior to taking any legal actions. With this in mind, if there is a left turn involved in the accident, there is a special point in the Insurance Act of Ontario which comes into the picture and which has to be taken into account. So, without any further ado, let’s take a farther look into the specifications of this regulation and determine the ways it would impact your case.
The Insurance Act of 1990 stipulates that all left turns into the traffic are actually against the insurance company’s policy if the turn has effectively led to an accident. This means that if you are doing your left turn and you get involved in an accident, you are much more likely to be considered to be the party at fault, regardless of whether that fault is going to be partial or full.
The truth is that seeking compensation for a car accident while you have been doing a left turn might actually be pretty challenging. However, keep in mind that even though your insurance policy won’t apply, you might still not be the faulty driver. The law doesn’t care about insurance as its only purpose is to serve justice. With this in mind, if you are truly not the one causing the accident, you wouldn’t be liable for it. However, this is particularly hard to prove and there are very few situations in which you wouldn’t be liable. The truth is that throughout the left turn you are an effective imposition and you are impairing the natural way of those driving against you in their own lanes. Even if the opposite driver sees you and hits you deliberately, if you are unable to prove that he’s done so on purpose, you would still be liable because you have no right of being there at the time of the accident.
Left turns are a burden. In the majority of cases the driver doing the left turn is truly going to be found at fault and the rules of fault determination and particularly the “no fault” rule wouldn’t apply. This is due to the fact that your insurance policy in this situation is practically nil and you have to bear the responsibility on your own.
This is why you should be particularly careful when you are making a left turn. Ensure that there is way more than just enough time for you to make the maneuver safely without being an imposition for another driver. Staying out of accidents of the kind is the best prevention.