Even though the government and the provincial authorities are trying their best in order to raise as much alertness as it’s possible, it is still quite common for victims of car accidents to make a lot of mistakes. This is generally due to the fact that they are not well aware of their own rights and with the procedures that need to be followed in an event of this kind. The city of Toronto which is located in the province of Ontario is the largest city in the country and it has a population of nearly 3 million people. As you can imagine, there are a lot of car crashes which take place every single day and here are some of the most common mistakes that most of the drivers make.

They don’t call the police.

Now, it’s true that most the law clearly states that if the damages on the car are for less than $1,000 the driver doesn’t have to call the police. Now, this is a controversial provision for one particular reason. While it may seem as logical not to waste time of the authorities for inconsiderable damages, it is simply impossible for the driver to assess the cost of the damage at the time of the accident. It usually takes some time for the car to get repaired and the mechanics are the ones who would give you your total bill. Of course, if it’s about a scratch or a simple dent in the car, you can probably assess it on the moment but this also depends on the type of car that you are driving. Getting the police to document the accident is crucial and it serves as a proof in court. The report is what you will use in order to claim damages from the opposite party and it’s the document which states the parties in the trial.

They fail to seek medical attention

Regardless of the damages, seeking medical help is mandatory. If the accident wasn’t serious enough you might initially fail to feel any strong pain and you can only feel uncomfortable. However, make sure to visit the doctor in order to get a quick brief on your condition and to determine whether or not there are some internal damages.

They talk with the opposite insurance company

The insurance company of the driver at fault is likely to ask the victim about the accident. You don’t have a duty to provide them with any information – they have to get it themselves. Keep in mind that whatever you say can be used against you, if there is a trial brought up. This is why it’s better not to converse with them at all. Let your lawyer deal with the insurance company and the defendant. That is because they will consider all of the statements and communication in the legal light before replying. This helps to be within the purview of law.

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