Even lawyers admit in the information that gets posted online, that when no one has been injured in an accident, and the available compensation is limited, it seems reasonable to settle, without using an attorney. Yet does that advice suggest that the Injury Lawyer in Mississauga ought to look more closely at his or her role in helping a client to navigate the claim process?

Questions that a personal injury attorney is apt to hear from a client:

• Who should be blamed for this accident?
• Where is a source of funds for covering the cost of damages; what about the cost of injuries?
• Who must arrange for reimbursement of my lost wages?

Why a driver/client might not be asking those questions?

• The driver was not injured; none of the passengers appears to be hurt.
• The amount of money available as compensation is limited, because the responsible driver was uninsured.
• The driver was able to return to work, and did not lose any wages.

Did the driver have a potential case?

The driver did not know all the rules and could affect that possible case. For instance, the driver probably lacked any information on the statute of limitations. Could the driver be certain that there were no injuries? If the driver were to file at a point beyond the deadline, then he would give-up all hope of having a chance to file a lawsuit, regarding any aspect of this one accident.

How old were the passengers? Were any of them children? The statute of limitations gets extended, if the injured victim is a minor. If that fact gets taken into consideration, the driver’s accident might be able to provide a personal injury lawyer with another case.

Was the driver being held responsible for some of the damage caused by the accident? In this case, the driver’s car was rear-ended, and he hit the car in front of him. Now the driver’s insurance company claims that their policy holder should be held partly to blame for the damage to that one vehicle. A lawyer might be able to come to the driver’s defense. An attorney could question the basis for the charge against the same attorney’s client.

Final thoughts

In the absence of a lawyer, the driver that had his car rear-ended, could not operate on an even playing field. The existence of unanswered questions highlights the consequences that could result from the driver’s readiness to proceed on that uneven field.

The sad truth is that one of the passengers did suffer an undiagnosed traumatic brain injury (TBI). Yet the medical community never made the connection between the accident and the passenger’s medical problem. That was because too much time had passed.