If you collide with another vehicle while driving a leased car, truck, van or SUV, your immediate reaction should mirror that of an automobile owner. Check on your condition and the condition of your passengers. Get medical help and call the proper authorities.

Today, the person that leases a vehicle will be inviting trouble if he or she has not chosen to obtain an iPhone as well. A picture can support the claim made by someone that was hit by another driver. It helps to have pictures of the vehicle’s position, following the collision. Take more than one picture, so you have evidence of what happened.

What you must do after you get home

Report the accident to the leasing company or to the dealership, whichever business has leased you the recently-damaged vehicle. Study the terms of the leasing contract. Find out if the contract states that any repairs must be made with manufacturer’s parts. Follow those guidelines, as you make plans for any damaged area to get repaired.

If the accident was not your fault, you can file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. If you had a typical leasing contract, then you have both collision and liability coverage. That should help to limit the worries that you might have.

If you did not have such a contract, then the money you saved by obtaining less expensive coverage may well get spent during the time that follows this recent collision. In either case, you should not expect any compensation to become available in a short period of time.

How you can speed the rate at which your compensation becomes available

Seek the help of an injury lawyer. That Personal Injury Lawyer in Brampton understands the process that takes place behind the scene, after someone at the wheel of a leased vehicle gets involved in a collision. Because lawyers understand that process, their experience can prove of value to any client that got hit while in a leased car, truck, van or SUV.

Repairs should be made with an eye towards returning the damaged vehicle to a condition that would make it acceptable to the next possible leaser of that same set-of-wheels. This is not a situation in which you can plan to save some money by using some cheaper component or some uncertified mechanic.

As long as the leasing company’s or dealership’s insurer feels confident that you appreciate that fact, the process should move along smoothly. Be glad that your lawyer can help to speed the rate at which that process takes place. Realize that any delays in that same process are but a small price for the conveniences and pleasure that are linked to driving a leased vehicle.