Unless a motorist gets thrown from his or her vehicle at the time of an accident, the motorist’s injuries normally get created when a body part impacts on some component inside of the accident-involved vehicle. In contrast to that chain of events, a motorcycle rider expects to make contact with the road’s surface at the time of an accident.

What happens during that moment of touching the road’s surface?

That is when some portion of the rider’s skin might get peeled off of his or her body. The chances for that happening make obvious the likelihood that a motorcyclist might suffer road rash.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Burlington have become familiar with the complications that can arise, as a victim/client tries to recover from a road rash injury. Two complications are of greatest concern to personal injury lawyers: infections and nerve damage.

In order for a lawyer to ascertain the amount of money in a fair compensation, that member of the legal profession must discover the severity of the rider’s injury.

The characteristics of first-degree road rash: Only the outer layer of skin has come off. Victim suffers redness, along with a burning sensation.

The characteristics of a second-degree injury to the skin: The skin’s outer layers have been broken. That forces the victim to deal with both pain and swelling. Fortunately, no muscle has been exposed in a victim with an injury of this degree.

Characteristics associated with third degree injuries: The tissues beneath the skin’s surface get exposed. The victim could suffer loss of epithelial (skin) cells and eventual scarring. Any victims with this degree of road rash should receive immediate medical attention.

Possible costs to be considered when seeking a fair compensation package:

If the victim has suffered nerve damage, he or she may need to undergo a period of retraining, before returning to work. That would prolong the amount of time when the victim’s paycheck would not be made available. Hence, that possibility would add to the victim’s losses. Obviously a fair compensation ought to cover any added amount of damage/ loss.

If the rash were to become infected, the recovering victim would need more than medication for pain. He or she would also need a generous amount of anti-bacterial ointment, along with an adequate supply of bandages. That would introduce an additional cost, one that a personal injury lawyer would need to mention, when going after a fair compensation.

The level of pain experienced by someone with road rash exceeds the amount of pain that can be dulled by ingesting aspirin. That is another fact that the personal injury lawyer must bring to the attention of those that have some say in the eventual compensation.