If you see someone in the medical field performing substandard work, you may have reason for considering the possibility of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Understand, though, that the person that files such a suit needs to prove that he or she was harmed by the act of medical malpractice.

Things to check out before filing such a lawsuit:

Find out if anyone else has filed a claim against that one particular member of the health care field.

See if you can collect evidence of a time when the careless and neglectful person (the member of the health care field) exhibited a breach of duty. If necessary, speak with a lawyer. Find out if you could visit such a person, while wearing a recording device, and while appearing to be a prospective patient.

Learn as much as possible about the tasks that the person alleged to have conducted medical malpractice must complete on a daily basis. By understanding the nature of those tasks, you may find it easier to prove a breach of duty by the same individual.

Other sources of evidence

Your medical records can serve as an example of evidence. Save all of your medical records and let your Injury Lawyer in Brampton evaluate them.

Speak with others that have been treated by the same physician, or those that have gone to the same clinic, treatment or testing facility. Seek out those that are close to your age, or those that share with you a special medical problem.

Discover the extent to which information on new discoveries in this one particular field has been shared among those doctors that could make use of such discoveries. Do those people that might be treating you appear ready to go after such information?

Welcome details that provide you with more facts, regarding your condition, and how it compares to others that your doctor has treated. A good physician will be honest about how many similar cases he or she has treated, or even has read about.

Let your own knowledge of your body be your guide. If a doctor seems unclear about the possible reasons for some mark on your body, find out if the same professional has an experience with a patient that has your particular medical problems.

Save others from having to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

If a short visit as a prospective patient has convinced you that a given doctor or medical facility must do sub-standard work, share your observations with friends and family members. By the same token, provide others with an honest answer, if they seek information on a certain procedure. Be sure that the same procedure was performed recently, as a general rule, medical procedures get altered and improved over time.