Like it or not, as per the current local legislation set forth in the province of Ontario, the “no fault” rule is in effect and you can seek reparation through your insurance company, regardless of whether you are at fault or not. For the most parts this is a particularly fair solution but it also pins you again insurance adjusters which could be quite difficult to handle. With this in mind, we’ve prepared a few helpful tips that you can take advantage of in order for the entire thing to be processed aster.

Things to do when dealing with the adjuster

It goes without saying that there are certain things which are going to help you out a lot in the entire situation. Let’s take a look:

·         Be organized. Keep the documents of your claim neatly organized. Put the most recently issued documents on top in order to make them easily accessible and in a chronological order. This is going to make things quite comprehensive for you and for the adjuster.

·         Assist him as you can. Whenever you can assist him with anything about the procedure – go ahead and do so. This is going to spare you time and it’s going to move the procedure forward.

·         Don’t be afraid of a lawsuit. Sure, this is something that you generally want to avoid but believe me – he wants to avoid it even more. Insurance companies do not want to risk reaching a court ruling and you shouldn’t be afraid to bring it up if you need to.

·         Be firm. Do not accept offers that do not suit your claim or which are obviously a lot lower than the ones you should get – it’s what they want you to do. However, it is better to wait and ask for more than settle for the first sum that they offer.

Things NOT to do when dealing with the adjuster

There are, of course, things that you shouldn’t do when dealing with your insurance company’s adjuster. They include:

·         Do not be an imposition. Don’t call him every single day to find out how it goes. If he’s not calling you he doesn’t have any news. Sure, you should call every once in a while to make sure that your case isn’t thrown at the back burner but that’s all.

·         Do not threaten. You might be pretty courageous about going to court but keep in mind that insurance companies have entire legal departments which are suited to fight you in trial. While they might not prefer it and want to avoid it, they sure know how to handle a case as they’ve done so hundreds of times.

Basically, these are some of the things that you might want to take into proper account. As the role and responsibility of the insurance adjuster is high, it is good to be polite yet firm or allow your injury lawyer to deal with him.