From a lawyer’s point of view, someone that has been hit by a bicycle does not have many avenues to pursue, if that same person hopes to obtain some type of compensation. The law does not require a cyclist to have a license or a registration. The law does not mandate that each person riding a bicycle must have insurance.
True, the person that has been hit can sue the careless cyclist. After filing that lawsuit, the same individual can hope that the courts will declare a judgment. Still, possession of that judgment does not ensure an ability to collect the desired compensation. It could be that the person on the bicycle was an adult and a homeowner. Typically, homeowners have chosen to buy a home insurance policy. It could be that the same policy might be used as a way to pay the person with the judgment.
It is also possible that the cyclist has chosen to join some sort of cycling program. Frequently, the members of such a program have chance to purchase some type of insurance. After all, such programs want to encourage use of bicycles by those that do not need to travel great distances. Unfortunately, such programs have nothing that can protect a victim. That is one of the sad aspects of the push to get more people riding. There are not a great many protections for victims or even for cyclists.

What the rider of the bicycle will be doing

If you have been it by someone riding a bicycle, you might think that the owner of that two-wheeled vehicle now delights in evading the need to compensate you. Maybe you did win a judgment, but you do not know how to collect any money. As you bemoan that fact, you might be surprised to catch a glimpse of what the cyclist happens to be thinking.
This blog post cannot take you inside of a cyclist’s brain. It can, however, share with you the actions of one man that was once accused of hitting a driver. With his words and actions, he shared his thoughts with his co-workers.
The cyclist does not know whether or not you might go after every route possible, in order to obtain the money that you feel you deserve. Maybe the owner of the bicycle suspects that you might bear some responsibility for what happened. In light of that that fact, your possession of a judgment may have caused the cyclist to feel even more uncomfortable about the whole situation.
Neither of you has been protected from serious concerns, regarding what will happen next, or what steps to take next. The law offers few protections for cyclists or for those that might be hit by someone on a two-wheeled vehicle. Lovers of the environment ought to join with lawyers, and advocate for the creation of such protections. Additionally, for those injured in such accidents, it is important to contact an injury lawyer in Brampton so that can assist the victims get compensated for the injuries and damages.