You have probably heard of the horror stories in the past but road rage incidents are on the rise. Traveling in the hot summer heat can make temperatures rise when it comes to driving. Many drivers can admit to tailgating too close, driving aggressively, and shouting to other drivers on the road. In addition, profanity and sometimes obscene gestures can also be seen by other drivers on the road. It is important that you know what to do if you are faced with road rage and how you can avoid it from happening to you.

Causes of road rage on Ontario roads

In order to avoid it, it is important to know what triggers road rage so you can do your best to avoid it. Sometimes, the behavior of an individual will make him/her more likely to result to road rage if given the opportunity. This behavior may include:

• An individual who has multiple traffic violations for endangering the safety of other people and/or property
• Used or threatened to use a weapon on another vehicle or the passengers inside of another vehicle
• Used a motor vehicle to assault another individual

Thus, what causes this type of behavior in an individual? Some factors that may contribute to road rage include:

• Poor driving habits
• Traffic congestion
• Schedules that place an individual at another location in a time that is unrealistic
• Stress
• Fatigue

Avoiding road rage incidents

It is hard to predict when road rage is going to occur so how will you know how to avoid it? Make sure you are aware of your own behavior while you are driving a motor vehicle. It is important to know what your stress level is. Sometimes, you are driving a certain way and its upsetting to another.

Always remain calm if another driver is showing anger toward you. Always remain calm while behind the wheel and make sure that you get enough sleep, you allow yourself plenty of time to get to your designation even if there is a delay, and don’t let other drivers bother you.

Steps to take if you are the victim of road rage

• If you do find yourself as a victim in a road rage incident, here are a few tips to help:
• Don’t make eye contact with the other driver. Keep your eyes on the road at all times
• Never get mad and retaliate.
• Don’t make a gesture to the other driver
• Don’t get out of your vehicle and confront the individual
• Lock your doors and keep them locked during the incident
• If you are being tailgated, try to change lanes or pull over to the edge of the road enough that the vehicle can go on around you.
• If you feel as though you are in danger, you need to call the police.

When a collision happens because of a road rage incident

If you end up becoming a victim of road rage and you received injuries because of it, you will need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga to represent you and to assist you in obtaining compensation for any injuries you have received as a result.