Even though no two accidents are the same, the steps that should get taken by an injured victim ought to follow an established pattern. In that way, the same victim gains some control over the end result of the insurance claim process.

Steps to be taken at the scene of the accident

Contact the police. Seek medical help. Get your injuries identified, so that you can seek the proper treatment. If there were any young passengers in the damaged vehicle, make sure that they undergo a medical exam, even if each of them appears to be in good health.

Steps to take soon after you get back home.

Call your insurance company of the other driver, if you feel that he or she should be held responsible. Prepare to make a 3rd party claim. File a claim against your personal injury protection coverage (PIP). Take advantage of that coverage; it can serve as protection against a weakly-based charge of contributory negligence. Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga, in order to obtain more information about your other options.

Options that you might want to consider:

Your policy should explain your rights, as far as who you might want to sue. Read your policy together with an attorney. Find out if you can sue for certain damages, namely those that would not be covered by PIP. PIP does not cover pain and suffering. Recall the problems that you faced after your accident. Did you experience emotional distress or mental anguish? If so, then you had to deal with pain and suffering.

How severe were your injuries? Did any of them cause you to develop a permanent disability or impairment? Did any of them cause you to develop scars or some other type of disfigurement? If that was the case, then you have good reason for seeking compensation for pain and suffering.

Actions to take if you do want to sue for those additional damages:

File an insurance claim against the other driver’s insurance company. Expect to hear from an adjuster in that same company. You might even get an offer, with a suggestion that you go ahead and settle. If you are approached with a low offer, along with a suggestion that you proceed to settle, consult further with an attorney.

Why a claimant victim should be careful about agreeing to an early settlement?

Lawyers urge the victims of a car accident to delay settling, until the physician that is treating their injuries has declared that the patient/victim has arrived at the point of maximum medical improvement (MMI). When symptoms develop slowly, a victim might find out too late that a given injury was more serious than had been realized.