If you are the victim of a car accident and you’ve been injured in a manner in which you are not able to work or to carry your regular activities as you did before, there are quite a few important things that you would have to take into account. There are facts that would relate to your Weekly Benefits applications through the automobile insurance that you carry. We will help elaborate when it comes to understanding the way the law of Ontario works in this particular regard. They include:
• Caregivers
• Those who have absolutely no income, also known as non-earners
• People who have been thoroughly employed
Let’s start with the question that absolutely everyone is actually concerned with: how much money are you entitled to receive and for how long? Weekly benefits are a comprehensive way of recovering a lot of damages over a serious amount of time so make sure to pay attention.
If you are eligible, the law stipulates that you will be entitled to receive up to 80% of the current net salary based on the income history that you show prior to the accident. Of course, the net income benefits which are payable form different sources such as, for example – your employer, are going to be deducted when calculating the aforementioned 80%.
The amount that you will be entitled to is going to be calculated based on the information that you manage to provide in the application for. They are usually calculated in the following manner:
• For people who are working when the accident happened, the replacement benefits are based on their income in the last four or a year prior to the accident.
• Self-employed ones would have their benefit based on their 52 weeks of income prior to the accident.
• For people who are unemployed but are receiving certain Employment Insurance Benefits. People who have worked for a minimum of twenty six weeks in the fifty two weeks prior to the unfortunate incident, the Income Replacement is going to be based on the earned amount in the 52 weeks before the accident. This amount would also include the insurance benefits of the employer.
However, it is also very important to note that there is a limit and you are not entitled to receive more than $400 per week. This is unless you have specifically purchased additional higher benefits.
It is also important to understand that the way you fill out your application form is absolutely critical when it comes to it so make sure that you do a great job. It is best if you work with a lawyer that is going to help you out with it just in case. Most of the personal injury lawyers that have considerable expertise in handling such cases would be able to assist you through the whole process.