How To Identify A Valid Personal Injury Claim?

Sometimes the victim of a car accident tries to exaggerate the effects of a small injury. At other times, a driver that has not suffered any harmful physical effects assumes that all of the vehicle’s passengers have remained uninjured. It requires an expenditure of time and effort, in order to file an insurance claim. Each person that has experienced such a jarring incident must decide whether or not it makes sense to file a personal injury claim. That is why consulting with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga becomes important.

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Getting The Proper Support For A Brain Injury Claim

It’s unfortunate, but insurance companies make it very difficult to litigate a brain injury. In pursuing a brain injury claim, the insurance company may try to prove that your injury is non-existent, was pre-existing or even faked. The key to pursuing such a claim is to offer objective evidence supporting it. In the past, however, that has been difficult to do with brain injuries.

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Exploring The Intricacies of Acquired Brain Injuries And Their Long Term Effects

Recent statistics show that over 1.5 million Canadians are living with the consequences of acquired brain injuries, and yet it still is a rarely spoken about topic. Further research on the matter has brought up statistics which show that each year, 160,000 people suffer from brain injuries, half of which stem from falls and involvement in a motor vehicle collision. Furthermore, acquired brain injury is also the leading cause of late onset disability in both children and adults.

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Actions To Take If You Sustain A Traumatic Brain Injury Following An Accident

At the time of a collision, the driver and any passengers can get tossed around in one of the two or more colliding vehicles. If the head on any of those tossed individuals hits a headrest, a window or another passenger, then that same person could suffer a brain injury. It would not cause any pain during the moments that follow the impact, but it should be examined.

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All About Brain Injury Lawsuits

Brain injuries occur more than we realize in the Canada, in fact over 1.4 million people will suffer a brain injury each year. Brain injuries can be caused by several factors but the most common are vehicle accidents and sports injuries. If you or someone you love has received a brain injury as a result of a car accident then you may be looking at a long term concussion or even brain damage which can be temporary or permanent. Either way, you could be entitled to some type of compensation under the law.

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