It may seem surprising, but slips, trips and falls are the basis of a huge number of workplace injuries each year in Canada. Many of these cases involve short or long-term injuries, and missed work for the injured party.

Walking Hazards

Sometimes, a trip is unavoidable – these things happen. But, in the majority of slip, trip and fall cases, there is an element of negligence at play. Floors that are shiny, slippery, wet, or dirtied with a spill are all causes of these incidents, and all entirely avoidable. It is not hard to understand why these hazards might occur in the workplace. On busy days, with busy teams, it can be easy to allow a mess or clutter to build up, creating a hazard without even realizing it. But, because of the danger these situations create, it is essential that all workplaces be attentive and avoid any walking hazards.

In addition to avoiding these hazards, it is also important that workplaces provide adequate training, adequate lighting, and have a requirement for staff footwear where necessary. When employees need to climb ladders, access storage, or work above height, it is important that safety restrictions be strictly adhered to, and all equipment in excellent working order.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Injuries

Slip, Trip, and fall injuries can be devastating and cause lifelong impact, and as a result, both the employees and employers should be very cautious when working. The most common injuries that result from these hazards include:

● Fractures: Angle, hip, and pelvis fractures are common fall and slip injuries, particularly among older employees
● Concussion: Concussion and other head injuries often occur, even in the most minor slip incidents. Head injuries can involve a long recovery and lifelong symptoms. In some severe cases, a traumatic brain injury may be the result of this type of incident, necessitating years of medical support, rehabilitation, and altered lifestyle
● Neck, Back and Spinal Cord Injuries: Slips and falls often result in temporary or long-term injury to the neck, back, and spinal cord – which can be devastating to quality of life. These injuries can remove the ability to work or function normally, and often result in chronic pain

If you’ve been injured in a workplace slip, trip, and fall, it is important that you seek out the compensation you deserve as a result of your injuries. If you have been diagnosed with short term or long-term disability due to the fall, you might be eligible to receive a bigger settlement account. These small accidents can have a lifelong impact, and it is important that you get the legal advice of an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Brampton so you, and your loved ones, are protected.