If you’ve made a personal injury claim and are headed to civil court, chances are that in the interim, you will be sent an offer to settle out of court. This offer is often recommended by personal injury lawyer in Brampton as a way to reduce costs and the length of a legal proceeding. While it may seem immediately attractive to settle and put an end to your claim, this is a very important decision that can impact the rest of your life, and you should speak with your lawyer to carefully evaluate any offer before accepting.

Factors to Consider in Settling

When it comes to settling, there are a lot of pros and cons, and some of these will depend on your individual case.

Time and legal fees: One of the best things about accepting a settlement is how quickly your claim will be put to rest. Rather than spending weeks and months awaiting your payout, you’ll be able to immediately rely on a dollar amount, and access it fairly quickly. This will ultimately save you time and legal fees.

Odds of winning: If you’ve been offered a settlement, you should always consider what is being offered against your odds of winning in civil court. If you have a rock-solid case and you’ve been offered an insultingly small payout, you may want to proceed to court. If your case is somewhat tenuous, you may want to accept and remove the risk of being denied in court.

Expected payout: It is important to consider just how much you think you will be awarded in court, and through your settlement. These payouts, as well as how likely you are to receive a favorable ruling, are all factors you, and your lawyer should keep in mind.

Emotional benefit: The truth is that going to court is very stressful. The process is time-consuming, takes a long time to complete, and is very difficult for most people to endure – particularly those who may be coping with a recent injury. Considering these factors, it may be in your best interest to settle and put your claim behind you so you can focus on moving forward.

When it comes to settling a personal injury case, there is a lot to consider. Often, you risk receiving less in compensation, but are paid immediately, and get to forego the stress of a personal injury trial. When it comes to settling, there are many factors to consider, and the decision should not be made lightly. Be sure to speak to an experienced lawyer, who can give you an idea of your odds, what you’re likely to receive, and how they recommend you proceed. Remember, you don’t want to risk losing the compensation that you need and deserve.