The citizens of Canada are familiar with the harshness of winter. Slippery and snowy roads that lead to impossible road conditions and an inability to see the hand before your own eyes is commonplace for Canadians during the winter season. Unfortunately, these circumstances are a breeding ground for accidents and injuries. That is, if you aren’t careful enough.

Equip Your Motor Vehicle with Snow Tires

One of the best and easiest ways of preparing your car for winter is to invest in snow tires. They are made of a different material, sport deeper and different grooves, and provide significantly more grip on snowy and icy roads. Cars with a rear wheel drive especially require winter tires.

Drive Slow and With Caution

Your chances of becoming involved in a motor vehicle collision skyrocket the moment you decide to speed up despite the poor road conditions. Even with winter tires, your vehicle will take significantly longer to come a halt on slippery roads which heightens your chances of colliding with other vehicles.

Stay Focused

More and more often, people are caught texting or otherwise fiddling with their phones when they should be watching the road. Your chances of crashing are always extremely heightened when you’re distracted, but this is even more true when black ice and poor visibility are a constant threat. If you have been injured in an accident due to the fault of the distracted driver, it is time to schedule a meeting with the Injury Lawyer in Mississauga.

Invest In A Pair of Winter Wiper Blades

If you like seeing the road and what’s ahead, you may want to invest in some winter wiper blades. They have been specifically designed to remove snow and ice from windshields throughout the winter season. However, even if you choose to stick with your regular wiper blades, you should still check them for cracking or other strong signs of wear and tear before the cold season hits.

Make Car Maintenance A Priority Before Winter Arrives

Since you will already be suffering under bad road conditions and poor visibility, you need to at least be able to rely on your car’s functionality. To ensure this, you should take your car to a mechanic who can fix any problems with your tire treads, brake pads, transmission, or battery.

Become A Member of An Auto Club

Most auto clubs offer affordable memberships. Once you have become a member, towing will become cheaper, if not free, and services such as jump starting, battery exchanging, and the fixing of a flat tire will become easily available to you.