The truth is that not all of the motorcycle accidents are caused by the motorist himself. In certain situations the other participant in the traffic might have broken the law and caused the collision. In situations of the kind, you can obtain compensation for your injuries caused by the driver who was acting negligently and carelessly. As soon as you’ve been involved in an accident of the kind, you have two straight priorities.
• Report the collision to the police as soon as it’s possible
• See a doctor and get medical help
Any accident which involves any kind of injuries needs to be thoroughly reported. If you want to get any kind of compensation, the police report is going to serve as actual proof of the accident. What is more, it’s also vital that you go ahead and take your injuries inspected and handled by a doctor. This is also going to provide you with a complete assessment of all of your injuries. Those of them which are seemingly minor can oftentimes get worse and lead to a lot more serious complications. This is even more possible if you leave them without any treatment. In addition, the medical assessment is going to serve as additional evidence for the fact that you were actually injured and those injuries stemmed from the collision.
In Ontario, there are two options which are available in front of the motorist. You can make a claim for accident benefits against your own insurance company as per the no fault rule of the province. The benefits are defined and outlined in the SABS (Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule). This is something that you need to account for.
On the other hand, if a negligent driver caused your accident and, your injuries, you can sue them for the damages. By damages you should understand the compensation which is given to you as the victim in a negligence lawsuit. The objective is to allow you to go ahead and return to the normal way of living before the accident. You can recover all sorts of damages, both pecuniary and non-pecuniary. This is something very important.
In any case, this is not an easy thing to deal with. The process is rather complicated and there are quite a lot of things that you would have to actively account for. This is rather impossible when you are recovering in the hospital. This is why you want to ensure that you get the necessary legal protection on your side. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer in Mississauga is something very important, regardless of which option you go for as stated above. Make sure that you do a reasonable choice.