Following the denial of your disability claim, not all hope is lost. The next step to take would be to hire a lawyer to help you resolve the problem and obtain the benefits you are owed. The process of finding the right lawyer for the case may seem daunting, but we are here to help you ease the way by providing you with a list of questions to ask all potential candidates.

Do your services include a free consultation?

The majority of disability claim lawyers worth their money will start you off by offering a free consultation during which they will also assess your case. Thanks to this service, you will be free to contact multiple Personal Injury Lawyers in Burlington and decide which one you deem the most qualified to take on your case. During the consultation, you should inquire about the validity of your claim, and whether they have concerns in regards to its progression and success. You should also ask about their methods in gathering evidence to support your claim, and what they think you should do in regards to the medical assessment of your injuries.

Are you specialized in disability insurance law?

Due to the complexity of disability insurance laws, you should ensure that the lawyer you hire is actually fully qualified to take on a case such as yours. If they aren’t aware of the most recent changes in the laws and regulations surrounding this matter, they will not be able to overcome any potential hurdles that may pop up throughout the legal process of your case. You should also ensure that the firm will be able to provide sufficient financial resources and attention to your case. It is good to ask them about previous cases that they have handled that were similar cases in the past. It is best to work with a lawyer that has a proven track record of success in claiming fair settlement amounts.

Do you have past experiences with cases like mine?

You will want to ensure that your case is taken on by a lawyer with a track record of successful cases that share a strong resemblance to yours. The achieved settlements should fall into the range of what you need, and the lawyer should be able to give you a rough estimate of what they think your case will settle for and when it will be settled. Don’t shy away from asking whether they are willing to defend your rights during a trial. You do not want a lawyer that will abandon you by pushing you to accept an unreasonably low settlement offer.