While all motor vehicle collision can end in injury and death, no other group is as at risk of such tragedy as motorcyclists. Due to the lack of a metal casing and airbags, motorcyclists are more prone to severe injuries, permanent impairments, and fatality, which makes it all the more important for all motorcyclists to be aware of how to prevent their own involvement in motor vehicle collisions.

Avoid Personal Involvement

The number one tip Personal Injury Lawyer in Brampton gives is awareness. Be aware of turning cars and other motorists at all times. Chances are, that all other motorists are only keeping on lookout for other cars and trucks, not motorcycles. As a result, you will need to proceed with caution and remain prepared to hit the brakes.

Avoid speeding at all costs. Your reaction time is only so quickly and you should never move faster than you could react to your surroundings. Keep in mind that road hazards could be around each corner and that your life is more valuable than getting to your destination a few minutes earlier.Rear end collisions should be avoided at all costs since they can quickly prove fatal. Should you ever end up at a traffic light with cars approaching from behind, do your best to move in front of the vehicle ahead, or at least move aside as you flash your brake light with rapid frequency.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is simply use your common sense as you navigate the open road. Don’t swerve between lanes and traffic. Don’t drive too closely past parked cars. Don’t ride your motorcycle while intoxicated. Don’t accelerate past the speed limit. And most importantly: stay focused on your surroundings at all times.

Know The Law

Following your involvement in a collision, the personal injury lawyers looking at your cars will check whether or not you were obeying the laws when the collision occurred. In Ontario, there is a series of laws which govern motorcyclists across the province. If you are found not adhering to the safety laws and are injured, you might be considered negligent and given a reduced amount as compensation, if entitled to it. These laws and regulations include:

For one, you will need to have worn a helmet with a fastened strap at the chin, and your motorcycle and the side car (if you have one) will need to have a white front light and a red taillight, as well as an illuminated license plate. Additionally, people with a level 1 license are forbidden from carrying passengers. Thus, it is best to adhere to all the traffic and safety laws to stay safe.