All the travelers that pursue their journeys by using the roads and highways have dozens of questions for personal injury lawyers. Here are some the questions that get asked most often.

How does the insurance company determine who was at fault for a given accident?

The insurance adjuster checks to see who was more careless. The adjuster examines the police report, in order to see if any law was broken. If someone was careless or broke the law, did that behavior cause the second party to become injured? Someone that has caused an injury can be considered at-fault for an accident-related medical problem.

What happens if an accident victim is partially to blame for the occurrence of that particular incident?

In that case, the victim receives only a limited amount of the compensation. The extent of that limit depends on the percent to which the victim’s actions, or lack of action, played a part in triggering the accident. For instance, if those actions appeared to have contributed to 25% of the pre-accident events, then the compensation would get reduced by 25%.

Who can you sue if you get hit by a truck?

In that case, you would have a long list of possible defendants:

• The driver
• Company that leased the truck
• The truck’s owner
• Maker of the truck’s parts
• The shipper or loader

Because there are so many possible defendants, it would help to consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga.

What actions should you take if you get involved in a traffic accident?

An accident victim must have evidence to offer an insurance company. Consequently, it helps to document everything, from the moment that the accident takes place. If possible, take pictures of the damage and of any injuries. Once you get home, start to record what you remember. What took place in the moments leading up to the accident? Did any of those involved take an unreasonable action, or did any of them fail to perform what seemed like a reasonable action?

Did you get a chance to talk with any witnesses? If so, be sure to record what they said. You may need to consult the police report.

See a physician as soon as possible. If you need to treat an injury, follow the doctor’s orders. Note any difficulties you experience, as you strive to deal with and treat your injury. Keep track of any amount of pain, as well as any emotional issues. Did you feel stressed, during the days after the accident? Did you feel depressed?

Write down your feelings and your sensations. That can be compared to the information in your medical records. Those records should help to support the observations that you have jotted down.