ATV is an enjoyable form of entertainment throughout the population of the United States. Unfortunately, there is also a chance of accidents and injuries associated with this type of sport. As per Injury Lawyer in Mississauga, there have been an increase of injuries over the last few years and in some cases, fatalities with an age group of under the age of 18.

Most ATV Accidents Are the Result of Operator Error

When an ATV accident occurs, you have to wonder if the accident occurred due to an error on the part of the operator or a malfunction in the ATV. It is been proven that ATV accidents normally occur due to the fault of a driver or another vehicle that may not see the ATV. When children are allowed to ride or drive an ATV the chances of an accident increase more. If you are going to allow a child to ride an ATV, you need to follow these safety tips below to reduce the chance of him or her ending up in an accident.

Always Follow the Law

Every state has rules and regulations associated with ATV riding. It’s important that you know what is allowed and what isn’t in your state. Most states will share the following laws:
All drivers must be at least the age of twelve years old; younger drivers can control the ATV as long as they are fully supervised by an adult. The only exception to this is if you own the land that the younger child is riding on. However, it’s always a good idea to supervise your children when they ride an ATV.

An ATV must be registered and the permit must be kept on the ATV at all times.

The driver of the ATV and all the passengers must wear a helmet at all times. These helmets must be approved by the government for ATV riding and must be held on using a chin strap.
If the ATV driver doesn’t own the ATV, he or she assumes legal responsibility for any damages that occur when they are driving. Damages include injury to another person and/or damage done to property.

Follow Proper Safety Precautions

If you plan on driving your ATV on the main roads, there are rules that must be followed including:
• Must be minimum 16 years of age
• Must should have a driver’s license
• Must wear an approved helmet that includes a chin strap
• If a seatbelt is installed, it must be used
• The speed limit must be followed at all times
• An ATV has to be driven in the same traffic direction
• The ATV must have working headlights and tail lights
• All ATV passengers must be at least eight years of age
• If a seatbelt is installed, the passenger must use it
• All passengers must wear a helmet.