There are quite a lot of things which have to be considered when it comes to moving a personal injury case through with the court authorities. One of the most common question that a plaintiff is going to ask his lawyer is how much time would it take for the case to get settled and for him to get the money. Well, the truth is that if you don’t settle with your insurer, you are likely to wait quite a lot of time before even getting a verdict, let alone receiving any compensation what so ever. The reasons for this are versatile.

Not Enough Court Space

There is just not enough court room space in Ontario. There is also a lack of court clerks and judges which will hear your personal injury claim and process it in a timely manner. As a matter of fact, delays of hearings could reach up to two years after the filing of the motion. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that courts tend to give priority to other types of cases in the field of family law and criminal law.

Furthermore, it’s important to receive an accurate answer to the aforementioned question because it’s strictly dependent on your particular condition. If your injuries aren’t healed yet, the lawyer can’t move forward to settling the case because the results are still uncertain. You might get worse with time and having the settlement signed is definitely not going to do you any good.

Role of Insurance Company

Another incredibly important factor to take into consideration is the willingness of the insurance company to settle as well. Keep in mind that if your case is lacking in any manner, you are definitely not getting the settlement offer you are hoping for. The insurance companies are on the market to make money for their shareholders. That’s the simple truth. They aren’t fending off your claims because they have something personal against you – it’s just business for them. If they paid out every single claim at the highest rates which you might legally be entitled to, they wouldn’t be able to stay in business or they wouldn’t be able to make as much money as they would if they fought your claims off.

That’s why in the majority of cases the insurance companies have the upper hand because you are the one in rush and if you fail to have the strongest arguments you can risk waiting trial and the uncertain result of the verdict or you can settle for a lesser amount of money. The system definitely has some issues that need taking care of. However, if you trust the right personal injury lawyer he might be able to get the compensation you are entitled to within a reasonable amount of time. That is why it becomes important to hire a personal injury lawyer.